how are these earrings made?

everything is laser-cut by me in my basement using various types of acrylic plastic.

who designs the earrings?

all earrings are designed by me (she/her) + my dear friend Kai Robinson (they/them). Kai designed nearly all of the earrings for SHOWPONY, and designed everything that you see in SPELLBOUND and in these new holiday pairs. you can find more of their work here. Kai also added their process work for SHOWPONY + SPELLBOUND on their website which you can find here.

speaking of SHOWPONY + SPELLBOUND, where did the rest of those earrings go?

all of the earrings from those collections are no longer available for sale except for after midnight, rhinestone wrangler, and divination as these were the best selling pairs. i get very bored making the same thing, and the rest of the earrings were quite laborious so they're gone for now, but will come back at some point!

how is the price determined?

it depends on the cost of the acrylic, how long it takes to cut/engrave, and how long it takes for me to assemble it. i do my best to ensure that most earrings on here are affordable, but earrings that are $30+ are inevitable because i like making intricate things :-)

what are findings and what are yours made of?

findings are the pieces that are attached to the top of the earring that go in/on your ear. all findings are silver/gold plated brass and are nickel-free.

when can i expect my package?

all orders made this month (December 2020) will be shipped on or by December 18th. once scanned by USPS, domestic packages are mailed atleast 3 days later and international packages take up to 2 weeks for Canada and Europe, and 3 weeks for Asia. these times may be delayed due to COVID and general increase in mail during the holidays.

where is the best place to reach you if i have a question about my order?

my email armystew19@gmail.com, instagram DMs really stresses me out, so I'd appreciate it if all questions be sent to my email.

what if my earrings arrive damaged/broken?

email me! we can figure out a solution.

will you be back next year?

YES! expect Lunar New Year earrings <3

do you take commissions?

always! i love commissions, i love making new things, please please please email me if you have an idea and want to wear it.

where else can we find you?

on instagram @aarmystew :-)

lastly, wtf is armystew?

army stew (budae jjigae) is a korean dish originating from the war. a classic spicy stew with kimchi, noodles, veggies, and processed american staples: spam, hot dogs, and kraft cheese. it's koreans taking something gross (american food) and making it amazing - the perfect metaphor.